How much for a Neo-Geo?

Lately I've been giving some thought about getting a Neo-Geo home system. So i just wanted to know what's a reasonable price to pay for one. would it be better to get a cart system or a CD system ? i heard CD load times were very excessive, and that the neoCD systems "burned out" easily.

anyway, where would i buy a neo home system (aside from eBay)?

Oh yeah, one last thing -- i read there was some kind of "mod" available for stereo sound from your neo-geo? does this mean that stock neo-geo systems by themselves don't have stereo capability?

Quite a few questions, hope someone could answer them. thanx.
CD games are alot cheaper, but loading times are high, most have size or animation cuts, and there will be no more new games for it either.

AES (Home cart) games are ALOT more expensive, but still produced, and full arcade quality.

as for stereo, you can easily grab stereo output from the headphone jack.

if you want the best of both worlds, go for a MVS system with a Supergun.. that's the arcade system.. the games are reasonably priced, rather easy to get on ebay too, and it's 100% arcade.
No idea what a super gun is... kind of read up on it, seems like some kind of interface to hook your MVS board to your regular tv? (Correct me if i'm wrong).

So, i get an MVS board and a supergun... i prefer regular game pads (like the neo geo CD controllers), as oppose to arcade joysticks; is it possible to hook up those types of controllers to the MVS board?

is the super gun the same as this "HGA" thing ?

check it out:

Oh yeah, any opinions on Hyper Neo 64 hardware or games?
yeah, it is. it's basically a device to connect jamma boards to tv.

you can usually use the neogeo pads or modify saturn pads to work too, for example.

the hyper64 isn't really worth it, there's only like 5 games you can use on the standard board, and it's not all that good a system.