How much time do you spend on the pc each day?


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Me, I'm a computer-a-holic and spend allmost 1/2 the day at the computer. Don't laugh (or I might ban you)!

My forehead has computer nerd written all over it unfortunatly.
Id have to say whenever I aint doing anything else, cause if there nothing better to do I'll always manage to find something to mess about with on the pc.
I spend about 8-10 hours a day. Mostly on just putting them back together. If you saw the den and my room you would find around 5 potential computers apart on the floor. Not a really good scene.

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theres life besides the computer?

Ya know, I never woulda believed it, but not ONLY is there a life away from the computer, it's BETTER ;) I escaped spending virtually all my free time (6-8 hours a weekday, 8-10 weekends) on my comp to a fraction of that. I'm down to 3-4 a day, if that. TV time is down too as well as console gaming. Not saying there's anything wrong with sitting in front of a screen 24/7 if you want though.
I dont sit 24/7 on the PC, I go out quite a bit, but since i work from 9-6am each night 5 days a week, i'm on the pc each day for about 3-4 hours a day before I go to work. other than that, the #### with the computer. Gotta see the g/f :)
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I spend too much time that I neglect my game consoles.

Me too :(

Same here. I usually spend about 6 hours a day. when you factor in school. about 6 hours 15 minutes a day.