How To Add A Country AND a 50/60Hz Switch


After messing around with my newly arrived NES and defeating the lockout schip
i decided to add some switches on my other Megadrive II (PAL)

Wel here is the Guide
tongue.gif :smash

Hope you enjoy it and PlZ if anybody can make me a nice intro and menu page

Also Check out my Console Collection and other guides at the end of the pages


DjoeN :cheers
Anyone get any joy with the single 3 position switch idea? i have the pic of it but not on my webspace right now
I posted my pic of the US model 1 genesis.

Why are the numbers of your diagram in different order?

I realize your diagram is correct, but are different models labeled differently?
there were like 5 or 6 revisions, the jumper positions vary, but the labels and functions remain the same.
Hi DjoeN, a quick note on your guide for the Megadrive 2 mod, you have labeled the 2 mods round the wrong way, you have labelled the 50/60hz mod as the lang mod, and the lang mod as the 50/60hz mod!!!

On a side note i followed your guide for the 50/60hz mod, but have noticed a strange side effect! Now when playing games in 50hz mode, the game actually runs slower that it does on a normal PAL megadrive 2. Do you know why this is??? I have actual posted on here about the poblem already if you want to read up on it?