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Sorry, I could probably find this somewhere, but I'm kinda new to burning...How do I burn a Bin&Cue, preferably with Nero? Do I just load up the cue that appears in the folder with the game and start burning? Are there any special settings needed? (It's a Saturn game, Shining force 3-scen 2)
Yes, you load the .cue file. (Do this by going to the File menu and selecting Burn Image.) That said, from my own experience I wouldn't recommend Nero to burn bin/cue sets (although it's fine for iso/mp3 sets) because certain versions of it mess up bin/cue images... they're reported as much too big, or seemingly burn OK but result in corrupted discs. CDRWin may be the better choice here.

If you do decide Nero (reasonably recent versions may have the bin/cue bug fixed for good), make sure to burn the CD in DAO/96 mode, or at least DAO.

I *really* need to get started on that burning FAQ I promised MTXBlau ...
Originally posted by Taelon@Feb 15, 2003 @ 09:37 AM

I *really* need to get started on that burning FAQ I promised MTXBlau ...

Me too.
Thanks a bunch for the help

Another one though, now I have scenario 3 as an ISO+1 audio track... Couldn't seem to be able to get a burn running with CDRWIN and with nero I can load up the ISO, but cant find a way to add the audio do I do this?

A newb question but do I need a cuesheet with the iso?
Again, yep
ISO/MP3 sets are burned via a cuesheet (.cue file) that arranges all the files into a single CD layout. You need the Sega Cue Maker - which, oddly enough, I just tried finding in the Misc. section of this site without success. My, where'd it go ...
Lodger's Saturn cue maker has never been available from the miscellaneous section.

It might be worth asking Lodger if we can have it locally.