How to create SS Gameshark code?

Evil Jane

Ban Hammered
Is it possible we create ss PAR code ourself? It does, how to create it? Coz recently i got a exellent dark fantasy ss srpg game: Black Matrix. Anyone know to create PAR code for this game like infinite money and infinite exp?
havent hooked up gameshark an commslink for awhile, pretty sure there was a search function. that you'd plug the cord into gameshark an play the game in a search mode. it would search for codes like that. takes awhile an you gotta be sure its stable but should work.
nope, i only have 4 in 1 Action Replay Cart, and it seem don't have that function u mention.
it doesnt show up on the menu unless its plugged into the computer i think. havent tried it in months so dont remember.
It doesn't show up on the menu at all; the process is controlled with commands sent from PC-side software.