How to extract .MIDI files from .SEQ (of Sega Saturn Audio)?

Hello, it is very easy really once you know the trick xD
If you convert from .ssf to .midi it will only convert the first few (like) 20 seconds and then stops suddently, so you can't download the .ssf files from sites like zophar or similar.

The first thing to do is downloading the ROM of the game, then you need to mount the ISO with some burning program, I think I've used PowerISO and mount it on a virtual drive, basically right click the .iso/.bin and open with poweriso and check the folders. You need to find the folder with .seq and .bin in it. Extract that folder where you want.

You then need to download Dosbox software to run 32bit programs because you need to download seq2mid (which run only in 32bit mode), any version is OK. Open dosbox and navigate to open the seq2mid file. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: Put the .seq file you want to convert in the same folder as the seq2mid software. To navigate you need to type this:

mount C C:\(put there the extact path of the folder of where seq2mid is)
seq2mid -l 0 (name of file).SEQ

Then you get your midi in the same folder of the seq2mid where you put your file. Done.

To get the soundbank of the track, if you need to know which instruments play you need "toncnv". This time is very easey. Once you downloaded toncnv, just put the .bin of the track you want with the corrisponding name (example: if you converted battle1.seq you need to find battle1.bin) and put it on the same folder of toncnv. Then simply drag and drop the .bin into the toncnv.exe and you will get a .dls file that you can import in fl studio once you open the midi. If you want to know how I can explain.

Hope it helped :)
This helped a damn ton! I got the midis of Radiant Silvergun at last. Thank you!!