How to make an iso w/nero?

Nero can't extract directly to ISO/CUE format so you have to make a normal .NRG image and then use CDMage to extract the tracks.
To create an ISO of a game with Nero:

  • select Image Recorder from the CD-Recorder menu (Ctrl+R)
  • File > CD-Copy...
  • Image tab specifies where you want to save to
  • Select the CD-ROM reader and read speed in the Copy options tab
  • Read options and Burn tab should be self-explanatory
  • Click Copy CD button in the Burn tab to start ripping.
When done ripping, remember to set CD-Recorder back to your burner and not Image Recorder (Ctrl+R). What you have is a Nero image (*.NRG). If you wish to get a BIN+CUE, you may use CDmage (beta 5 version) to convert your *.NRG image to BIN+CUE. Open the *.NRG image with CDmage and do a Save As.... You may also use CDmage to convert the *.NRG image to ISO+WAV using the Extract Track... feature.

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How do I take an original game and extract the files to make an iso?

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I burned Dracula X with Nero. I clicked File, then Burn image, thenI slected the DraculaX iso. Thats it.

But now Im in trouble, the Guardian Heroes ISO have a lot of mp3s (Gh02.mp3 until Gh24.mp3) files separated from the ISO.What should I do.

And DRAGON FORCE have one, called Track 02 Audio Track 2.mp3

So, pleaaaaase! WHAT SHOULD I DO????
Lodger's cue sheet maker can be found here. You can then burn the game with Nero. I'm not sure if you need to convert the mp3s first though. ???

Fireburner is another option as you can burn iso/wav discs without cuesheets.
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