How to rip ISO images.

Pearl Jammzz

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How do you rip iso images off of Sega CD games? I can rip the audio files but not the bin file. I use cdrwin. I just need to know how to rip the first track of the CD properly. Thanks for all those who reply.
If you've unchecked the RAW reading option when ripping with CDRWin, you would have a MODE1/2048 data track instead of a MODE1/2352 data track; you may just name it *.ISO instead of *.BIN. This way, you wouldn't need the BIN2ISO program.

Anyway, you may use CDmage to extract the MODE1/2352 data track into a MODE1/2048 data track. Open the BIN file as an M1/2352 image file, right click on the track displayed on the right pane, Extract Tracks..., choose Mode1/2048, specify location to extract to, click Extract button.
I make all mine 320 kbps. Makes some games big but not all. Games like Popful Mail are still pretty small cause its mainly an iso and hardly no mp3s.