how to save/load state?

when i try to save state in gens it says that it saved but when i try to load it says that there is no save to load can someone tell me how can i save state?
oh there's this awsome trick i learned. Ok when you open the archive ther's a bunch of files. One of them is called a readme.txt. If you click it, all your problems would be solved!

i red the readme file before i asked for help i'm not stupid, if you don't want to help then don't post
no offense dude but get used to it because a lot of people around sx ( and yes i see you have 50 posts) dont' take kindly to n00b-TYPE questions like that, but i was just kiddin with ya.
as i said if i didn't read everything i should read(readme and the mannual) i wouldn't asked for help, anyway lets just forget about this
Perhaps you should try at the Gens forum.

I'm not telling you to go away, it just seems that no one here has been able to help you yet. ???
i didn't rply because i didn't check the topic for some time and the probem was that i deleted the directory where i specified where it should save so when it was gone it didn't know where to save, and thats all.

It's good to let people know how you fixed things or how they turned out so others with similar problems get the benefit of your experience.

That way the knowledge within the forums continues to grow.