How to turn off Windows Messanger Service

Thankee Ice-san...this is the only thingthat I have found that is harder to find then in WinXP you can just right-click on my computer and get to it there, easy aye? But ya, thanks man, appreciate it.

King M

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It has nothing to do with Windows Messenger. It's a built in function of Windows itself. I can't remember the specific purpose for it being there, but it's nothing worth worrying about.


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Its purpose is to allow broadcasting messages in an intranet, like.. when an admin has to restart a server, he could broadcast a message so that everybody can backup their work


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That is the confusing part. There is Windows Messanger and windows messanging. To different utilites with differnt purposes. Yet very similar names. Windows messanging is a real pain. I turned it off on all my 2k or highr machines.