Humans for SNES

I usually hang at SX but I figured this question is more for you guys.

I was at my friends today and I found a couple of SNES game boards lieing in his closet. I picked them up and noticed they had UV flashable EPROMs on them.

On of them was Humans and I think it's a proto board. I can't find hardly any info on the game on if it was ever released here in America or when. The game has a date on it (8/18 ) and there is tape over the opens for the UV flasher and handwritten on the tape it says "Humans (F)"

Do you guys know if this is a prototype and also my friend wants to know if its worth anything.


He has other boards with these same EPROMs in them in EPROM sockets, I am thinking I can use them as ROM carts by going out and buying large memory EEPROMs... do you think this is possible?