I am in Panzer Dragoon Saga HELL!

Ok, so the other day I was fortunate enough to get ISOs for all 4 discs of PDS. So, I play all the way through the first disc, all good. I play an hour or two into the second disc when all hell breaks loose. Anyway, It gets to a particular FMV, which promptly becomes garbled for about a second or less and then boots me out to the bios screen. Shit. Anyway, I read that this problem can be caused by burn speed, so I reburn at 4x. Same problem, same place. So I say "Hey, I'll just find a different ISO, this rip must be bad." Anyway, I find one, download it, and burn it (not without hours of pain in the ass searching...). I pop it in my Saturn and voila! it doesn't recognize the disc as a game disc. So I message the guy I downloaded the new ISO from. He says he has verified it and it works fine for him. Here is what the cue sheet for the new ISO looks like:


TRACK 01 MODE1/2352

INDEX 01 00:00:00


PREGAP 00:02:00

INDEX 01 52:50:71


INDEX 00 53:02:24

INDEX 01 53:04:24

If anyone can tell me ANYTHING that will help I would REALLY appreciate it. I am going to go out of my mind if I can't solve this seemingly self-perpetuating problem, and I've already burned a good 10 coasters between these 2 ISOs.

What exactly does saturn says "Game Disc Unsuitable for this system" or "Disc Unsuitable for this system" ???

For any of those, I think I know the answer... (for that new bin+cue you got, the first one should be a bad rip...)

Are you patching the iso you have downloaded for another country area code???

Meanwhile, download cdmage (here) and try opening the cue file with it, and then in the "Action" do a "Scan For Corruption", and tell us what happened...
First off, I am not applying a patch or anything to this ISO. Second, I scanned for errors but none were found. When I put the cd in my saturn, it doesn't give an error, it simply doesn't start up. It shows the audio tracks, but that is all, it will not allow you to "start application" as it should.
Did you burn the BIN/CUE with Nero? If so, I'm 99% sure that Nero burned the gap between the data and music tracks incorrectly, which causes your Saturn to refuse to accept the disc as a game disc. Nero has always had issues with bin/cue images but does iso/wav or iso/mp3 images (via a cuesheet) perfectly.

I suggest using CDMage to extract the bin/cue to a Mode1/2048 data track and audio tracks, then creating a new cuesheet and burning again with Nero. Problem solved. I promise you.