I found the board, yay


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Posting here again after more than a year of away time is weird. I had some really old PMs in my box (which I'm not going to reply to cause I'm a lazy bastard and don't want to open another window (and maybe I like publicly humiliating people too, meh)).

To some guy that PMed me: I forgot where I bought my NES 72-pin adapter, that was a long time ago, but if I remember I'll post here. I might have even posted a link or reference on some old thread on the board.

To Karny: :lol: yeah, I'm not selling anything anymore except on eBay. (blantantly plugging my sales)

Oh, and I guess I'll be transitioning from SX to NX because i've sold most of my SEGA stuff, therefore I have more Nintendo crap (never thought I'd see the day). Plus now that I have a DS and GCN, I guess it's an obvious transition. ;)

Well, time to go spam replies on old threads I haven't seen. :lol: