I give up!

Yes. I know it should be easy. but I have tried all configuration on my saturn model 2. And cannot get my mod chip to work. Can anyone install it for me? Anyone close to Chicago or can give detailed assistance? It is the damn 5v wire!

All I get is a "checking disk" message and the drive never moves. works fine when the chip is removed! Do you think the chip is broken?
You DID make sure, I hope, not to hook up the 5v wire to the 9v pin on the power supply... it's possible the board is bad, or is simply shorting out somewhere. Look at the back side of it and check all the long pieces of wire sticking out from the solder points. Make sure they don't touch each other...
It can be as simple as the ribbon cable not being inserted quite correctly. There is a little bit of play in those sockets.

It could be that the mod is dead, but don't give up quite yet.