I got a sl.bin done, how would i test it?


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I got a sl.bin done, how would i test it? is there a emu that can load up my sl.bin ? please help
also, how would a make a iso of it?
Satourne can load them, just click on the "Load Saturn BIN" button on the main window. If you're going to be programming using an emulator, beware of incompatibilities and differences to a real Saturn. If you want to test it on real hardware, you could try downloading the CD version of Charles Doty's Shooting Clays game, IIRC it came with all you need to build a disc image. The easiest way is using an Action Replay and a Commlink card, as you don't have to waste CDs every time you want to test something.
You can also make an ISO(mounted with daemon tools) and try it on SSF and on Satourne. When it works both on SSF and Satourne it should work on a real Saturn.
Ya! Wooo but can i use Mkisofs ? but the problem is i dont have the tools to make the saturn disc, I dunno where to get them :/ oh I tried Satourne LOAD SATURN BIN and it gave me Invalid SH2 Master Op Code, Do they still sell COmms LinkS? and a action replay? mmmm thats not a bad idea but for now i need to use the emulators
C:\WINDOWS\Desktop>buildcd -msatclays.map -isatclays.img satclays.cti

Bad command or file name

C:\WINDOWS\Desktop>stripiso s 2048 satclays.img satclays.iso

Bad command or file name

WEll, I made a img then i strip iso'd it. now i converted it to U. but its 140kb!!!!! it wont load up on the Saturn. I tried it on Satourne. it loads up the saturn logo & the Copyright black screen but then it stops loading. dammit.