I have a sonic cd question

Ok, I have the American ISO for Sonic CD and I got the japanesse/pal soundtrack off of megametalgreymon. Then I made it so all the files said SonicCD 01.iso SonicCD 02.mp3 and so on. I made a cue file with the saturn cue file maker. Do when I burned it with cdrwin and tried to play it on GENS it went to the music player thing and made the loud screech sound fore the mp3s and the iso track. And yes they are in wav format. So then I burned it the way i did with the pc engine game draculaX with fireburner. It now is a cd rom and has NO tracks at all, but has the game data on the cd. So here is my question. Do i need the PAL iso to work with the mp3s or do i need to use a different burner? Am i doing somthing wrong? If i need to get the pal iso i will. Ok thanks for reading.

Note: I said ages but it was reallly gens

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you should be able to burn it with the us iso in place of the pal one

dont know if it would work on ages though, gens & kega seem to work ok here (the audio doesnt play properly, but i think thats my system rather than the emu)
doesnt work fully on ages for me, but according to the ages faq the sound doesnt work properly on win2k

try gens or kega, xega runs at around 1/2 speed on my system, while gens and kega both run fine ( i get the same horrbile screech on ages)

solved my earlier problem with sound, for some reason fireburner chopped the audio tracks to around 10 seconds each, same cuesheet works fine on cdrwin
Hmmm, maybe my cue sheet is messed up, it wont work with cdrwin, i get an error message before i burn. I'll try it on kega and see how that works. When you burn it how is it supposed to be, like a audio cd or a cd-rom? My pc engine games i burned are audio cds but magic engine loads them up fine.
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