i just got an old arcade machine

and it's broken. so does anyone..

a ) know of any good faq/sites about fixing old arcade machines?

b ) want to help me fix this machine?

c ) want to buy this machine for parts :)
First of all, where are you? I always consider arcade machines.

If you are too far, I can suggest plenty of things you can do with it.


Hi Aaron,

Try the rec.games.video.arcade.collecting newsgroup.


There's plenty of people that would like to help you out there, and most of them are technically inclined.

Another good site is basementarcade.com. There is a huge assortment of schematics and manuals available for arcade machines. http://www.basementarcade.com/arcade/library/index.html (scroll down for the schematics/manuals). Another thing to keep in mind is that most of the arcade machines manufactured in the 80's used similar hardware, and the parts are relatively easy to find. If you find yourself needing something, Bob roberts is the man to go to (http://www.therealbobroberts.com/).

I'm in the process of ressurecting a pac man machine myself. Maybe there is something I can help you with?
word, thank you all so much.

the machine does not power up at all. it wasn't exactly given the best of care by its previous owner. i'll post more details when i have more time.

btw, i live near indianapolis, indiana.


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lol, I used to live in the tri-state... only ever went through indiana 3 times... once moving there, once leaving there, and once going to chicago for a trip. /me is glad to be back in california.
haha indiana isn't that bad...

anyway, i'm having trouble locating the key for the back of the cabinet, so i can't really get in there and see what's going on yet. i'm probably going to cut it out and get a new lock since i think finding the key is pretty hopeless.