I miss zerocool


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In case any of you don't read our featured writer's reviews, I thought I'd bring back some oldschool Zerocool reviews, TOMB RIDER!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you ever thinking to become the most famous and the most adventuros archaeological in the world???? Yes? Well, If you play TOMB RIDER you can realize your secret dream............

First of all the game introduc the player in the story with a great movie: the grafic is perfect and the animation, sound and the dubbing are good too.

After that you can set the options: sound, gamma, loadgame etc.

The downloads isn't very long but you must be patient. The first impression is good: the grafic is in 3D and the sound isn't bad. On the game you can running, jumping, walking, swimming, and other actions.

TOMBRIDER is qite long and so if you like this game, you spend a lot of time with this very good classic game.

The levels are very, very big and if you want complete them you must exploring for along. the enemis are varied but there are some humans: in TOMBRIDER infact you must killed above all ferosious animals but the hard enemies are the enigmas that you meet during the game.

This is a perfect an a original game, it's hold but for saturn is one of the most buty action game. It's a classic so you can't don't play with TOMB RIDER!!!!
Surely he was taking the piss? Or can people really do that badly?
You missed his posts and his other reviews. No, it wasn't a farce - that was his writing style. It was pretty bad, but hilarious at the same time.

If I remember correctly, that was his contribution so that he could get at the ISOs in the members only section.

I think it was Arakon, or maybe RevQuixo who told him to stop typing in caps and adding 6+ exclamation points after every sentence. His reply was something along the lines of 'Ok, I got it" and was to never be heard from again.

I have *NO* idea why I remember this.