I need the Audio Video connections for my genesis!


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I just recently rehooked my genesis/segacd/32X. Im missing my AV cable though. I cant recall do i need just the av cable or do i also need the audio out for the sega cd. If anyone has one they could sell, could you help me out?
I just cut up some RCA cables and made my own.

What model of genny and cd do you have?

I think, model 1 gennys AV outputs only have a mono connection. So a stereo connection for the genny has to be wired from the headphone jack.

I don't have a 32X, and havn't seen one in over 3 years so I can't recall or reply on it's wiring.

My setup is this: a model 1 genny with model2 CD

I have the stock stereo cable running from the front of my genny's headphone jack, and into the back of the SegaCD.

I plug the audio stereo jacks from the SegaCD into my stereo TV; that covers the stereo audio.

For my video I only need 1 wire plugged into my Genny. The stereo cable provides the 'ground' connection. I can't remember which 'pin' number, but it works great!

Other people might not recommend this, it might short out a TV, genny or something. But I doubt it if you're careful and don't poke naked wires where they don't belong
. It's been working great for me. and it's cheap and easy.

but your 32X setup might be a different story.

I think if you have a model2 you don't need a separate audio cable, but with the model1 genny you do.
I have a model 1 Gen. I don't know about the Sega CD, how do you tell. I can take the 32X off, i don't have any games for them anymore.
a top-loading SegaCD is a model 2

a tray-loading SegaCD is a model 1

but it sound like you need a mini-stereo 2 mini-stereo jack.

You might could cut up 2 headphone jacks and splice them together to make it. Just make sure you get the wires right.