If anybody is still interested in translating Saturn games..

hmmm if I knew any japanese I would be all for it hehe but alas I have trouble speaking english let alone any other language hehe...
I don't know Japanese either :(

But you don't have to know Japanese to help translate the games, if you are good at programing/hex, or graphics editing you can help us out. Any help is better then no help at all.
I would be happy to lend a hand (for hacking), the Ninpen project i am working on is nearing completion and i am yet to pick a new project, so i'll have some time.

What titles are you working on?
You can always help with the snatcher translation if you want, you can contact me or tyranid via IRC or ICQ, whichever would be easier for you. I'm going to start getting the audio files in the game translated soon, and tyranid's working on finding the text, which is a bit of a problem, so you could help find the text and hack it. Just let me know somehow. =D
I do have all the audio of th eenglish version of snatcher in MP3 and wav (the digitized and CD audio) in case you want them. I could alse send you a CD with that.