If you could be ANY X-Men...

I think i'd like to be NIGHTCRAWLER. I've always loved the idea of teleporting... primarily because I'm too lazy to walk from place to place. Plus it's fun :)

He can walk on walls too! :)

Can the "Nightcrawler" avatar be put up for me to use on this board please? :)
I'd be Optimus Prime, lol ;) yes I know hes not one of the X-Men, but seriously, Probably Cyclops, I love the idea that if i look at someone I can blow their head up.
Cable / Nathan Summers - I'm not sure if he was ever formally a member, but surely being the son of Cyclops counts for something. :biggrin:
I'd be Onslaught; check out those power levels. Although he is not an X-Man, he is, however, the manifestation of Professor X (who is an X-Man) and Magneto (who isn't an X-Man). I choose Onslaught because he kicked some major ass (e.g., Juggernaut). LOL!

BTW, we all know who IceMan2k wants to be, right? LOL!
hehe :)

BTW, did anyone of you guys play that game called "Overpower"? I used to play it with some of my friends back in the day.... It was pretty fun. :)

I wish they made a pc game for that like they did with Magic: The Gathering. If they did, they could've made animations CGI or cell that would illustrate the battle! :) I wished soo long for them to do that... too bad :(

PS: Does anyone know where I can get all the scanned cards of Overpower? I want to see what they all look like.
Yeah, i bought a ton of those cards because they were like 25 cents each at KB, no one had them though... I asked all the magic players at my school, if they played overpower... they laughed at me. Told me that they were pretty much kindling.

Edit: And btw, I'd want to be Gambit. I''d like to charge popcorn with energy and throw them at people.

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Yeah, i'd be gambit cause his athletic, agile, has the engery charging power and gets to hit people with a pipe.. or something like that. What the #### is that anyway? Is it just a led bar or is it special?
Cool :) I think Gambit's rod (no pun intended) is actually just a wooden staff

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Gambit has a staff, actually. It is made out of some sort of metal {can't remember the kind tho}.

Uh, otherwise, um.. I wanna be Rogue. :)

Another Marvel Character I'd like to be is War Machine, his comic was cool. This is a diffrent one than the one that is Iron man's sidekick... it was a spin off series.

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Dark Phienox (Get in my way?)


I've heard that Onslaught easily extinguished Dark Phoenix during the Onslaught saga.

Here's a quick trivia question: Who/what is the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe?
I got curious and did some Googling. I suppose it might be The In-Betweener, The Beyonder, Kubik, or Kosmos. I'm sticking with Living Tribunal though, as I've seen no mentions of any limitation to the magnitude or scope of its power.