If you could be ANY X-Men...


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I got curious and did some Googling. I suppose it might be The In-Betweener, The Beyonder, Kubik, or Kosmos. I'm sticking with Living Tribunal though, as I've seen no mentions of any limitation to the magnitude or scope of its power.
The In-Betweener? Didn't he get his ass kicked or tricked by Thanos when Thanos took the Reality gem from The In-Betweener's forehead in his quest to form the Infinity Gauntlet?

Kubik and Kosmos I'm not familiar with, but The Beyonder I am. I remember reading about how he once imprisoned all of the major cosmic entities (The Living Tribunal, Death, Eternity/Infinity, The Celestrials, The Stranger, Galactus, etc.) in some kind of field. I also remember reading how The Beyonder eliminated Death from existence, and that it was Mephisto who convinced The Beyonder to bring her back.

If it wasn't The Living Tribunal's ruling on whether the 6 Infinity gems can be used together, I'd say that whoever possessed the Infinity Gauntlet would be the most powerful, given that The Beyonder is already out of the picture by the time the Infinity Gauntlet came into play. Imagine The Living Tribunal having possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, it wouldn't make sense, but it would be something to behold.


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According to the site I've been looking at, Kubik and Kosmos are entities that were born of the same power as The Beyonder. Particularly noteworthy is this part:

Soon, Kubik confronted the Beyonder and, in ferocious battle, Kubik destroyed most of the Beyonder's pet reality and was poised to destroy the Beyonder before the Shaper called him to stop the battle. Under the Shaper's guidance, Kubik, Molecule Man, and the Beyonder realized they shared a common origin, and the Molecule Man and Beyonder joined their power to create a new cosmic cube-- their powers were actually an intelligence like Kubik's that was split during the Molecule Man's origin.
hmmm.... well, I'm not caught up with all the Marvel stuff, but remembering from the 80's, i think the strongest Marvel Character was "Captain Marvel" wasn't it? lol.. maybe not...


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Powers: The Living Tribunal was created by what some call the Supreme Being. The Living Tribunal seems to be the most supreme being or power in comprehension and has the power to do anything short of its master, whom it calls The One Above All.http://www.sigma.net/ozbot/marvelhandbook/jklm/tribunal.htm The Living Tribunal's purpose is to safeguard a number of Multiverses from imbalance and cosmic threat. The Tribunal, like many cosmic beings, uses "manifestation bodies" either of its own creation or from the universe of manifestations so it truly does not have to be at a specific place, but is rather represented. The true form of the Living Tribunal exists everywhere and does not obey the laws of alternate realities.
I wonder who or what that Supreme Being (a.k.a. The One Above All) is. I wouldn't be surprised it if turned out to be Stan Lee himself. ;)

Occupation-- Guardian of multiverses (Marvel, Ultraverse, DC, New Universe, and possible others including all other comic Multiverse's that crossed over with Marvel)
I guess this is something we can expect from an unofficial handbook, right? LOL!