Is unofficially supposed to come out on 30.05.02 in Japan.Still waiting for Treasure to confirm the anouncement.

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Seeing as how this is the Dreamcast section of the board, im assuming he means a DC version of the game, after all, the game was built to run on DC in the first place.
well i guess im just an idiot then :) havent seen any bit of info anywhere saying it was being developed for the DC mind you.....


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It's a Naomi game. One of the primary reasons to use a system like Naomi (or ST-V, for which Radiant Silvergun was released) is for compatibility with the console version of the hardware. AFAIK, almost all Naomi games have a DC port, and some are actually ports from Dreamcast IIRC.
Looks amazing! Another great import, and I swore I was finished buying dreamcast games after Shenmue 2...

I have a couple questions, does anyone know how many levels/bosses and if Ikaruga is 2 player? Thanks.
Their is no way they would make the game non-two player. If it was I would lose a considerable amount of interest in it, cause that was one of the best part in RS for the Saturn.
It is definitely a 2-player blastfest; Treasure would not have it any other way! After Radiant's inspiring awe in the plethora of game options-(dogs, etc...) They will have to put some of the same effort if not more in Ikaruga for Dreamcast.
This is how it goes:Ikaruga has been anounced for the PS2 too,so i think their just bringin it out for the DC fans that want it (in a limited number of games printed),and the PS2 Version is supposed to bring in the cash..like Sega did it with Space Channel 5 Vol. 2...

It will have a 2 Player mode.Thae arcade has one,the home version has one :)
Great! I love 2p on shooters, I didn't know cause all te videos I've seen had a single person playing. So, does anyone know haw long it is?
ShinJedah, thanks for the updates! I am sure I speak for all shooter fans when we all say that it is nice to see another awesome 2-D shooter hit today's mainstream market. Treasure kicks serious ass!