Image maps in html

I'm currently working on a webpage at the mo, and would like to know how to use one of those map thingys, where u use 1 pic (jpeg, whatever) to link to different pages... any ideas??? If not, is there an official name for these things so i can hunt up the info somewhere else? Thanks y'all!

I believe the accepted term is "client-side image maps" (assuming you don't want to do server-side, which is a bit archaic). An article can be found at:>edit: was hit by a sudden burst of unlazy and got a direct link instead of just a link to webmonkey

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An easy way I can think of is to use a WYSIWYG HTML editor like FrontPage. Open your HTML file, select the picture by clicking on it, and choose from Rectangular Hotspot, Circular Hotspot, or Polygonal Hotspot at the bottom of the window, move your mouse back to the picture and you'll see your pointer turns into a pencil for you to draw the hotspot, after drawing the hotspot it promts you for the URL you want that hotspot to link to.

If the shape or size of the hotspot is not to your liking because it's very hard to create an accurate shape given the limitations of your mouse, then simply go into the source code and manually enter the coordinates of the hotspot yourself.

BTW, the link above that ExCyber gave is good reference.
I must admit, Webmonkey is awesome. It's hands-down my favourite web stuff info page.

Excellent articles and info.

Lets hope Lycos doesn't kill it like they did Sonique... man I miss Sonique... :(