Import save games dont mix with english save game?

I have not done this in a while for fear that i would lose all my save games again but a long time ago when i first got my saturn i was playing shining force 3 and beat the first scenario so i started the 2nd imported scenario and when i saved my game on a memory catridge( i forget if it was my 4in1 or my sega backup ram cart) which had a bunch of english save games i turned off the saturn and when i came back to play it again it said i needed to reformat the entire cartridge so i lost all my save games.

I was hella pissed and had no idea what the hell i could have done to cause it. i could have sworn i did a test and came up with a conclusion that if i put my import saves on the same cartridge as my english ones i lost everything.

Its been a while since i have played those games since but now that i found this kick ass forum i thought maybe you guys would know anything about this? Do you think it was just a freak accident or maybe something defective?

I have the official sega backup memory cartridge and i have no problems at all mixing english save files with japanese or american ones.
I've had no problems with 'mixed' saved games on my AR4M+ either. I don't see why there should be any problems.

I think that you probably suffered from an unfortunate coincidence.