In life, how far would you go

If you were caught in a situation where things get hard, (no roms, backups, ect...) and you had to sell your entire collection from every console system you own including handhelds, no pc's, in real numbers what would you sell it for, what do you have and how much do you think you could get out of it.

Nintendo - 2 consoles, 82 games, 1 Joystick, 3 regular controllers

Game Boy - 2 consoles (regular and 1 pocket) 12 games

Super NES - 1 console, 51 games, 2 Joysticks, 2 regular controllers, Super Scope, Super Game Boy, Game Genie

Nintendo 64 - 2 consoles, 17 games, 5 controllers, 1 memory card, 1 gameshark

Game Cube, 1 Console, 7 Games, 1 Controller, 1 Digicard

Game Gear, 1 Console, 9 games, 1 carrying case

Genesis - 3 Consoles, (Models 1, 2, 3) 42 games, 2 Joysticks, 3 regular controllers, Lethal Enforcer Gun

Sega CD - 1 console, 8 games,

32X - 1 adaptor, 6 games

Genesis Nomad - 2 consoles, 2 battery packs, 1 carrying case

Saturn - 2 consoles, 116 games, 3 regular controllers, 1 3d analog controller, 1 Joystick, 4in1 cart, 1 Memory Cart, 2 Light guns,

Dreamcast - 2 consoles, 42 games, 2 regular controllers, 1 Joystick, 2 VMUs, 2 memory cards, 1 gameshark,

Playstation - 2 consoles (regular, psone) 103 games, 1 regular controller, 7 analog controllers, 1 multipak, 3 memorycards

If times got tought i would sell it all for about $15,000. i have been collecting for 13 years, and still going
2 Nomads?Heyyyy new best buddy

Nice collection, Im nowhere near

But no SMS?shame on you...


i also am impressed. i haven't been able to find a nomad.

atari 2600 - 3 junior systems, one fullsize 'woodgrain' model, several joysticks, 4 paddles, two keyboard controllers, and a couple of others (i can't remember all the controller types, sorry...)

atari 5200 - 1 system with two controllers

mattel intellivision - 2 systems, 1 is broken (controllers were cut off), 1 in beautiful condition

colecovision - 1 core system, 3 regular controllers, atari 2600 addon, roller controller

nes - 5 systems (some with blue screen issues, some without...), 3 zappers, 1 power pad, 1 power glove, 1 four score, some game genies, several regular controllers, a max controller, a quickshot joystick, some quickshot 'thumbpads', and a couple of other controllers that i can't remember off hand...

snes - 2 systems, a mouse, 2 regular controllers, a capcom joystick (also works with nes...), the snes advantage joystick, game genie, super scope, a couple of supergameboys, and some other loose accessories. don't remember them all...

turbografx16 - 2 systems, 1 turbotap, 5 controllers...

sega master system - 2 systems, 2 zappers, 3 controllers

sega genesis - 7 systems (what can i say? they come in bundles a lot...), several controllers, both official and third party, the sega joystick, some game genies, the justifier...

sega 32x - 2 systems

sega cd - 3 systems, 2 good, 1 bad (someone burned out the resistors by using a nes adaptor, and no, it wasn't me...grin.)

sega saturn - 3 systems, 1 model 2 with regiong switch, one model 1 with region switch, and 1 unmodified model one. several controllers, both new and old style, 2 3d controllers, the virtuastick (the official joystick, i think that's what it was called...), official steering wheel, the kof 95 rom cart, the 1 meg ram cart, the gameshark, about 8 thirdparty backup carts (i want an official one so BAD!), and 5 light guns (two official orange ones, two of the blue nyko sat/ps guns... very nice, and a stupid looking, gray sat/ps gun.)

it think that's about all the hardware, although it's very possible i missed some stuff.

oh yeah, and a game gear...

as for the games, i'm not going to use any more post space, so since they're listed elsewhere, i'll just give you the link. they are all listed here:

it's not quite a complete listing, but it's only missing about ten items, and it's a lot easier than trying to write everything down in a post...

as far as cash. i'd probably want somebody to pay off my student loans totally. and even then, i don't know. i really like this stuff. and there's no way i could afford to replace it all. as it is, i've spent too much on this stuff anyways...
I should show my wife these collections so she doesn't have to bug me about my collection being too much.

Here's what I got (in order or when I got them):

I'm not going to count the game cause it would take too long.

Sega Genesis (model 2) -- my first system

Nintendo Gameboy (original)

Sega CD (model 1) (looking to sell)

Sega Saturn (model 2)

Sega Dreamcast

Sega Genesis (model 2) (broken -- from friend)

Super Nintendo (by marriage)

Sega 32X (looking to sell)

Sega CD (model 2)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance -- afterburner soon to be installed

next up: Nintendo Gamecube

Notice a trend in brands here?
I wouldn't sell my games for anything, unless my life depended on it.

Sega Genesis - Model 1, Model 2, Three controllers (one works), 20+ games

Sega 32x - Model 1/2, 4 games

Sega CD - Model 2, 26 games

Sega Saturn - Model 2, two controllers, Eclipse Stick, 16 games

Sega Dreamcast - Two controllers, two VMUs, 29 games

Super Nintendo - Model 1, Two controllers, 12 - 13 games

Nintendo 64 - Two controllers (one Gold), two controller paks, two rumble paks, expansion pak, 28 games

Sony PlayStation - Model 5501, Model 7501 (Modded), four controllers (three work), two memory cards, Game Hunter (GameShark clone), 40 games

Sony PlayStation 2 - Model 5, two controllers, one memory card, 3 games

Most Wanted:

Sega CD Model 1

Sega Nomad

Sega CDX

Sega Master System

Turbo GrafX 16

Turbo Duo





Amiga CD 32

Atari 2600, 5200, 7800

Neo-Geo consoles

Odyssey, Odyssey 2