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As a final note this week I'd like to share the following information with you all. This will be life changing to some of you...and of absolutely no consequence to others; but take it as you will. Are you sitting down?


Get this: Mr. Driller is Dig-Dug's son.

He's Dig Dug's son!

I know it's really frickin' geeky, but there's something enormously cool about that. How do I know this? Well, it's all buried in the back-story of Namco's recent Japanese-only release for GameCube, Mr. Driller Drill Land. People on GameNow magazine who know people that can read Japanese inform me that this life-altering information is shown on a character selection screen in the game.

No doubt we'll never ever see the game here in the U.S., but somehow it's comforting to know this information.

Sounds like Mr. Driller is truly stepping into his father's caves ... er, shoes.

Find it hard to believe that Ms. Pac-Man would be his mother, though - I mean - which side of her is her butt? Would make conception somewhat of a gamble. OK. I know. I'm being sick.