Interested in making a 3d Phantasy Star game for Saturn?

Actually, why dont we just create a whole new game that follows in the footsteps of pantasy star, that way we could do anything we wanted.
If we were to go about making a ps like game for the saturn wouldnt there be a way to hack at the phantasy star collection disc and use the elements from each game as a start?
Well, we could make a totally new game that plays something like PS, since then we wont go against any copyright laws. About hacking the game, i don´t know how to hack a game like that, and i don´t have it, so that would be hard. I noticed that there are some great examples in the SGL library, that we maybe could look at. There are some 3d engines for racing games,fighting games and quake-style games! Maybe there is some useful code there that we can look at!
Well I mean we could hack at the game and see how they coded it for the system, to give us examples on how to actually go about creating the game, I have ps collection in my collection on my ftp. As to hacking it i'm sure there are people in here willing to help us out with that.
Yes, that maybe should be good. But didn´t they emulate the games on the Saturn? I think they emulated everything exept the sound, as in Sonic Jam. (wich i have, so i know. Some of the sound is remade and is now on the cd.).
I'd like to help with this if it's still going on. I'm a pretty good programmer (almost have my bachelor's) and need a project. I haven't coded in a while, need something to do =).
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I'm unsure about the ps collection, i'll have to look into it more.

Ps Collection emulates even the sound in ps2 & ps3! In ps 4 They made a lot of changes and its not possible to open a rom of it in genesis emulator like the other two. Ps one cannot be opened in SMS emulators either..... :ph34r:
:D :blink: well i think you guys should plan out how to code the game, its a great idea... think about the gfx -- the layout of the game -- i can help when im free, i can really help with 2d so if you guys need me just email me at:

EL_PIRATERO [AT] DOT COM... if you're really serious start creating the GFX :D and make a 2d map so i or someone can probably stick it in the map editor and code in a level :D
Originally posted by mal+Aug 27, 2003 @ 11:18 AM-->QUOTE(mal @ Aug 27, 2003 @ 11:18 AM)@Aug 28, 2003 @ 12:04 AM

Ps one cannot be opened in SMS emulators either.....

I beg to differ. According to MEKA's compatabiltiy list, it works fine.[/b]

The one in PS Collection???
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The one in PS Collection??? :blink:

See for yourself.

It's listed as " Phantasy Star (Saturn)".


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