Interesting Poll for Players (Not Gamers!)


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Check out this laughable poll! I was 100% honest, and I got a 6 - 10! Of course... On the characters question I selected the one that says "I've never heard of them" because well.. NO SEGA CHARACTERS!, and I said I don't need a system (no mention of Sega on that!) In fact! THERE'S NO MENTION OF SEGA ON THE DAMN POLL!!! Those guys have NO knowledge of games at all!

Sorry about that! Here's the poll:
God I got a seven i'm a wannabe? Fuck that shit this guy wouldn't know videogames if sonic came up behind him and raped him in the ass! Haha listen to this though

16-20All bow to the almighty video game master! You are a genius in the world of the VGs.

This guy says VG's as an abriviation for videogames... well I think we all know this guy isn't gonna get any VG anytime soon don't we?
What is this world comming too?

The next thing you know, people will be eating midgets for lunch.
Originally posted by SegaFreak@Jan. 22 2003, 5:45 pm

What is this world comming too?

The next thing you know, people will be eating midgets for lunch.

For all the times i haven't posted what i had for lunch, it seems that Gallstaff has been eating midgets. So what ever this would is coming to, it's going there fast!
Originally posted by Cloud121@Jan. 23 2003, 12:07 am

Check out this laughable poll!

It isn't a poll, and it isn't mean to taken seriously. Though with your post I'd say you scored somewhere over 25.
Cloud hates Sony so much he wanted a PS2 for both of his parents houses
Screw it! I don't need a damn PS2 until fall. Since that's when the first Phantasy Star remakes hits. Along with the Golden Axe, Space Harrier, and Fantasy Zone remakes. Not too mention FFX-2 possibly. Although I may consider buying two. One to play, and one to burn!
That test means that a "true vg gamer" just plays grand theft auto and anything less than a ps2, gamecube or xbox.

I got a 4. Maybe I should sell my video games to a real man of the "scene".
I got a 17. Yep, that is me, Alpha, the so-called "game master" according to the scoring. I don't believe it though; I am anything but a "master" at video games, only shoot 'em ups!
The only question that I could answere would be the million dollars one. I would buy the sports car over those newer systems. But then again, if I had a million dollars I could buy those games too. Very stupid poll.