Introduction Speeh


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I have an upcoming assignment for speech. I have to give an introduction for someone, kinda like a guest speaker. I'm just having trouble on who to pick. I posted a Poll for my ideas. Thanks guys!
hehe I remember doing that speech

It was kinda fun being a junior in a freshman speech class
Well... at my school it is a Sophomore class ,and required to graduate, so I need to do this in order to gradute in two years!
that hideki i'd kick his ass, bahh fucked up on too many consoles, they should of fired him after the saturn :smash good concept stupid idea two processors?!?! programming nightmare....
i'd go with yu suzuki as he has the most history behind him and subequently (in all likelyhood) the most information and references availible
I would do anyone but the game creators, programmers or whatever. I mean you know I'm just as big a sega fan as all of you, but I mean if I did something like that I'd get my ass kicked. Why not do a musician or actor?
And why would you get your ass kicked? I'm going with the Sega (I'm one of the most die-hard Iowa State fans you'll ever meet, and all the damn snobs at my school know it, Urbandale for you fellow Iowans) guys and gal (Reiko Kodama), because I love to be different from everyone else. Not to mention, I bet they're all expecting me to do one of the Iowa State coaches. I strive to be different from everyone else, in many ways. When it comes to gaming, everyone loves Sony and Final Fantasy, whereas I'm a Sega and Phantasy Star guy. I love Macs, and everyone loves Windows. I love being different.