Ir controller for saturn mod for dpadpro

I have made the twin Saturn controller adapter for the PC but have a small problem. It works fine with the regular controller but does not operate with my wireless adapter and controllers. I had the same problem with my Sega Genesis adapter. It works fine with the regular controller but does not work with the wireless Genesis unit.

All the pins on both of the adapters are correct and I have checked them several times. My conclusion is that the IR unit is not getting the power it needs to operate since the led that flashes to signal a button press or directional pad movement does not light when any of the buttons on the pad are pressed. And they do work on the actual machines , so it is not faulty equipment.

I know that the PSX controllers with force feedback require an external power supply to get that feature to work. Is it possible that the IR units need an external power supply as well? And would this be possible? What pins require the additional power and at what voltage and amp. Thanks.
The only way to determine that would be to measure the voltage and current on each pin when you're using it on the genesis, and then do the same when you're using it on the PC. I doubt anyone would have that information on hand. If you've got the equipment, just DIY.
Can you give me the scheme of the saturn adapter? I couldn't get mine to work
All the info is out there on the web. The Saturn set up was a little hard due to the fact that it doesnt use a common joy pad adapter. I salvaged the controller ports from a busted Saturn 2 model and built the adapter out of cheap Radioshack parts. total cost about $2. So to build the Saturn ones its almost impossible unless you hack apart one of your Saturn game pads. The Sega Genesis ones use a common pinout and I have made several of these and have given them to some friends. I have about 5 more here if anyone is interested. Just give me an offer and pay for shipping. The schematic is on the dpad website for all of the controllers. If your having problems with them check your wiring again and then check the settings on your par port.