is a 3d0 worth owning

#### yea!

contrary to you thinking most 3do games suck, most of them are very good!

the gfx may not be the best but gameplay is all there
And if you want the pilot disk of Policenauts, it is the only option =P

But yes it does have very good and very bad games, overal a nice piece of HW with very nice games (you want a nice version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo???? in 16 bit? Only 3do )
I second that. I've only had mine for a month or so, But man, I love it. And I found the graphics to be incredible! For the time that it was out that is. I'd say the FMV is on par with a lot of Saturn/PSX games I've played.

And if you want tp play THE definitive version of Dragon's Lair, it'll be on 3do.

DEFINITELY worth buying. I'm glad I bought mine. Almost didn't, but man, what a mistake that would've been.