is it a bad idea

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in an effort to avoid a :eek: :puke:

well put

think of the typical girl that would go looking on a site to find guys she likes and then emails them.

You may get lucky, but don't bet on it
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To meet some girl that found my screen name on some rating site that thinks i'm hot?

(my god)

maybe it's a joke, who knows ?
dude i just hacked my way across the internet and found your pc and the person that sent you that invitation

its the girl next to britney spears in the pic i found on her homepage


you decide is it worth it?

Discalimer: im just joking not trying to insult ne1
talked to her on the phone seems like an ok person. She emailed me pics i'd say she was alright looking in the pics.

God damn lol i'm pathetic any more
i'd post the pic she sent me but i dont have any place to host it eh

oh and she passed the "do you injure yourself for no reason" test (once this good looking girl started talking to me online because of that site only thing was she was a little insane)
dude i hope you didnt give her your number first

never giv your number over the internet to a stranger -- you get the number and then call using a pay phone or * something -- you never know
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alright looking?

If you guys get married, I'm telling her you said that :)

eh i'm more worried about getting hacked up to little bits

but even that i'm not too worrried about. hey you have to die sometime why not die being hacked up by a psyco chick?
well dude my friend searches po nub ( not love in his case) in ah teh wong paces as well -- this dude will travel far to meet these "older" women and hasent gotten hacked up yet so who knows you may be alright
You make it sound like that "I married an Axe Murderer" movie with Mike Meyers.

Let's just hope it's as funny. ;)
dude the only thing i could recomend is talk to her some more on line and on the phone -- and if she dosent say anything that doesnt raise a flag go for it - but meet in a public place and get there seprately and leave sepratly -- like try lunch or a movie -- i would avoid a bar ( your defenses will be down and then shell chop your pee pee off)

but if she seems kooky or alittle off -- like if she mentions she tried to phisicaly hurt her exboyfried - stay away -- also stay away if you get the feelijng shes a 2 penny fluzy - your budy will turn green and then fall off
LOLOLOL googlefest you have now earned the honor of being one of the few people that have made me laugh from this site.

Ya i talked to her a few times on the phone only thing that was odd to me is the last time i talked to her she called me hun at the end of the conv besides that she seems like a nice girl that has somewhat rich parents.
well thanks - im glad i didnt rub you the wrong way :)

yea being called hun before even meeting would raise a flag for me too (depending on the tone )

-- but many chicks and women and old ladies like to say hun to every one

-- like a perfume counter chick will call you hun to try to get you to buy something or a stripper call you hun to get that lap dance
ya it just sounded natural to me and caught me off guard

(God damn) I hope that the girl i was involved with at school has a new good looking roomate this year that finds me hot and enjoys my company
I ahve met a few girls off of the net before.....sum of them are hott! but most are ugly. EVentuall tu get to the point where u can tell if they are way fat just by words they say. Like if a girl makes comments about always wearing sweaters, she is prob. a fatass.

BUT, on a lighter note.....most internet girls are sluts and put out extremely well Ü. Nuffin rlly to be ashamed's better than using those phone chat things and paying tonz of money to listen in. or puting personal ads up sumwhere.

Also, meet in a place where u can see her, before she sees you. That way if the pic is fake.....u can run/peel off in yer car