Is it possible to play PDS on a Japanese Saturn

I just wanted to know if it was possible for Saga to be played on a Japanese Saturn without swapping or a modchip. I tried the PAR when I bought the game back in '98 from EB. (brand new for 60 bucks by the way) and an error popped up on the first disc saying that the cartridge would need to be removed. (Probably due to memory allocation of the game)

I bought an American Saturn at Funcoland the next day just so I could play this game for $30. I just wanted to know. Thanks in advance.
whoa I haven't seen a Funcoland with a Saturn in years!

where is it?

sorry I can't answer your question though
If you search the forums you'll find an AR code that disables the cartridge check. It was last brought up a couple of weeks or so ago.
You can either try some AR codes to disable the cart lockout (which seems to have mixed success) or you could use Satconv on a rip of PDS and change the country code to suit the Saturn you want to play it on.
The original question was how to play it without a modchip or swapping. If you're going to copy the game you might as well use the patch from my website to make the game multi-region and remove the cart check.