Is my Saturn's memory dying?

Is my Saturn's memory dying?

Yesterday suddenly while loading Virtual on, the system said that I had to clear the memory. I did, and when I cleared it, it said thta I had 463 free space instead of 510. It now also gives saves a diferent size of which it should ( for example, in Shining Force 3 it says that the saves are 203 instead of 223).

I have tried to remove the battery to totally reset the system, but it didn't work. I also tried with a 5-in-1. With it I can use all 510, but when I go to the system memory manager any of this two things happen:

a) A save or more are missing

All saves are there, but the mem number is wrong, and when I clear mem or delete a save I get space free up to 463.

Is my system mem dying?, Is there any way of solving it? Should I start thinking about buying a new saturn?
Is my Saturn's memory dying?

Better think about buying a backup memory cartrigde... like 4 in 1 system ( Action Replay, Code country, 4 Mb RAM and static memory to save games ).

Lik-sang sells them.
Is my Saturn's memory dying?

I'd try getting a 'genuine' memory cart that allows direct saving. That way you could use the cart almost exclusively, and not have to worry about the Saturn's memory.

Even if it ends up that you need a new Saturn, a memory cart never goes to waste.