Is there a listing of cue sheets around?

I know that Eidolons Tavern has a guy named Pharoh>J who has a listing, but for Sega CD. And I can't get in there right now to get the link to check for Saturn lists.

Are you asking for cue sheets from BIN+CUE rips of originals, or cue sheets for ISO+WAV or ISO+MP3 rips? The latter can be easily created, given you know the number of data tracks (and their MODE) and the number of audio tracks. The former might require some time to compile.
Is there a certain game's cue sheet you're looking for, or do you just want to gather the info so it may come in handy later for quick reference or something like that?
Well, I was looking for one, but ExCyber helped me out allready. I was just curious if an internet resource existed,.......................

Thank you again for you post! :)
Other than Eidolons Tavern that you mentioned and the Sega CD and Saturn Music sections that are currently offline here at SX, I've not seen any Internet source with the information you're asking for. Having this information is a good idea though.
oh oh here is a good question i need the .cue for metal slug iso/mp3. found 3 different copies to download but all three are different. one has 1 mp3 but. the other two have the same number of mp3's but there are huge size differences between the lot.
Are you referring to huge size differences between the MP3s? If so, perhaps those MP3s were encoded with different bit rates and/or sampling rates.