Is there a mame emulator for dreamcast?


I remember that some Saturn games were playable on Mame. Is there an emulator for the DC that plays the Mame games?


Actually, theres 2... heres some links and some descriptions...

MAMED goes for mass compatabillity over perfection, and as such, runs games up to Neo-Geo quality (Although this is very slow)... Some games run great, others not so... check the MAMED compatabillity list for more info:

and a burning guide for this is here:

MAME DC supports a few games, but all of them emulated well... it supports:

PacMan Arkanoid Super Qix (bootleg) Psychic5

Pang Super Pang Ghosts'n Goblins Commando

BombJack Bubble Bobble Contra Double Dragon

Ikari Warriors Gauntlet Gauntlet II 1941

Double Dragon II Ms. Pacman Galaga 88 Games

It uses frameskips to get the speed up on some games, but it is a good emulator and if you want to play any of the above games specifiaclly, go for this one