iso question?

my friend has an import game and i converted the iso and burned it onto a backup cd to play on my saturn. i know someone that would like the game and i was wondering if its possible for me to just send the converted iso to him over the computer and he could burn it. if he wants the game is there a way i could just send him over the ccomputer basically? thanks


Yes, it's possible. What specific scenario do you have in mind?
on the computer i ahve a bin file that is 532,947 KB and cue file of 3 KB for the game. is that all need to send him for the game to work or will i need to load up the cd and rip the files onto the computer? and whats the best way to send it to him, email? or are the game files to big for email? i really am not familar with this so whatever u think is the easiest and best scenario i would prefer to do. i cannot really say what sceanario i would like.


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The bin and cue files would be fine. Iso and mp3 might be better, but let's keep it simple. Creating a compressed archive using WinRAR would help.

FTP is probably the best way of transferring the files.

Either that or burn a CD and snail mail it. ;)


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Yes those are the things you need to send. Email would probably not work. I think that IRC is most likely your best bet on this one.


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there's some direct connection software that would make it easy if you're both online at the same time


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Or you could just use an IM program like AIM. It supports resume and stuff, I've transferred tons of stuff over it... its probably simpler for your purposes, since you would typically have to share files when in a DC hub.


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raring into multiple small files and aim is generally your best bet, that way if it craps out then you can resume partially through (resuming a large file doesn't always work and sometimes leads to a corrupt file, which is a bummer when you've just sent 500MB lol).
he syas he has msn, i dont have that but i am goin to get it to send to him. but before i do, can u send files ober msn messenger like u can on AIM?

edit: nevermind i found out