ISO+WAV .. Finally


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Okay here we go !

Step 1: Put ISO File and all Tracks in one Folder!

Step 2: Open Fireburner

Step 3: Click: File----->Load Tracks

Step 4: Highlight all files (ISO+WAV) and click open

Step 5: All files are now in Fireburner ... File number 1 are ISO

Step 6: Click Create CD----->Burn

That's it .... I just did it and I have nice copy of Sonic CD

Good tutorial ?


Now why didn't you just do that in the first place? ???

Nice walk through, but the pictures don't seem to be working.


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You know you can take captures of only the active window or crop them in that Photoshop you have running there.

Link Hylia

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can you shrink the pictures down? half the size (320x240) would be easily seen, and would take less time to download,

having to download several 30+k images takes a while.


Nice desktop! Is that just a standard XP theme, or is it some kind of desktop replacement program?

(I only as as I will soon be suffering/reaping the rewards of XP Pro...)

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Or you can jsut make a cue with Sega Cue Maker or by hand and load tracks form cue in fireburner.

That looks like a non windowblinds theme I think. It looks like one of the themes made in the real MS format ,bvut only can be run with a patch to remove the protection that lets only MS themes run.


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Does anyone can upload Sega CUE Maker to my ftp ... DO NOT POST WHERE TO GET IT ... just upload ... please ?

port 2002


Thanks ... make sure you PM ME after .. !


Lodger's Saturn Cue Maker can be found here.

You know I've done that just to annoy you.

If you want it, download it yourself.