ISOs Real Small...


Mid Boss
I recently went on a FTP and downloaded this small RARed Games... Cotton Boomerang 1,2 & Dungeon & Dragon disc 1,2. i loaded dungeon & dragon into a Auto Loador and it says '400mb' ??? what is that? .iso compression?! heh... will these games be able to be played with the swap trick? i just don't wanna waste a CD-R
also, will it load better if i get a modchip? but... i read alot of these 'problems' with saturn modchips. I got a round power button saturn (21 pins?) is there anything special stuff i need to get? do modchips come with solder irons? thanks!
I'm not sure what an "Auto Loader" is, but if you burn the games correctly and the ISO's aren't corrupt then they will run with the swap trick as well as any other game.

"Will it load better with a modchip?" -'ll load the just won't need to swap, so I guess it'll be easier to do.

21 pin Saturns come in three flavours - those with a 32 pin IC on the CD board, those with a 64 pin IC on the CD board and those without any IC on the CD board. The 32 pin versions are the easiest to mod and work reliably with mods from any of the major online retailers (Liksang, Lan Kwei, Gamegizmo or any other retailer you can find). 64 pin Saturns are harder to mod, and only seem to reliably work with mods purchased from Gamegizmo. These two models are the most common. The third type may or may not be easily modded - we don't really know for sure since only one member has been able to test this (successfully, I might add).

Mods do not come with soldering irons.