It's Freezing here!!!


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Just a couple days ago it was a nice 60F out and now its down to 20F! Whats up with the weather this year? Skiing sucks this winter!

I'ts freakin cold here in PA!!!!

Good thing for flanel sheets :D
Heh, it's 30C here at the moment. That's 86F.

And they said we missed out on summer!
It's not cold when you have a handy dandy Slutboi(tm) to warm you up at night. I am actually uh, seeking a Slutboi to use Monday - Thursday nights :)

I guess, if you are male, you should find a SlutGrrl to keep you warm at night, right? Unless you like boys and then.. well, yeah ;)
The IceMan is afraid of the cold? Isn't IceMan supposed to be made of ice, thus cold by default?
I'll take either or, actually.

Boys are nice because if you get the right one, they can spoil you... but usually girls can keep you warm all night while boys tend to fall asleep very soon ;)
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