it's like a party in my shoes


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it's like a party in my shoes

Okay okay, aside from the weird topic, I just got the dreamcast edition of ddr from my friend. The thing is, I borrowed my friend's dance mat for a while (that was fun), but then he wanted it back and now I'm matless

Now I know I have 2 options: buy a DC mat for too much or buy the psx mat and a ps-to-dc converter.

But I had another idea: build my own dance mat?

The only problem is, I don't know how and i'm electronically challenged.

I do have a dc controller to mess around with, and soldering gun/pen, and lots of resistors, transistors, etc. I just need a suggestion how to do it.
it's like a party in my shoes

I was hoping to make a flimsy version (transportable).

I guess I could improvise.


Thankbee youbee.
it's like a party in my shoes

Honestly, I think it's worth it just to get the jap psx versions, a lot more songs to choose from, you'll appreciate it more in the end.