I've got some Sega Games to trade

I've got some Sega Games to trade

I've got a couple of Sega Games which I want to trade.

I'm not intrested in selling them because I'm a collector and I'm always looking for some new stuff :)

You can watch my videogame collection at the following url :


I've marked the games with "to trade" in this list.

I also made a wish list, but as it is not complete you may always suggest a game not on it as long it's a Sega game which I don't have in my collection yet.
I've got some Sega Games to trade

I'd be interested in that original copy of Guardian Heroes for the saturn, dunno if I have anything you'd want though, I only have a couple of saturn games (that I have extra copies of so don't need) that you don't have (although you may not want them anyway) and they are Virtua Fighter (PAL) and World Wide Soccer 97 (PAL).
I've got some Sega Games to trade

Hmm, I'm not really intrested in those titles (not really collectable stuff), but if you have something else you always may let me know. It doesn't have to be a Saturn game, as I'm intrested in everything Sega related (megadrive, megacd, dreamcast, ...)