Jaguar+ Jag Cd+ Games FOR SALE!!!

I am selling my Jaguar collection. The complete set is:

1) Jaguar Console (PAL) BOXED in B condition (A-D)

2) Jaguar Cd Console (PAL) BOXED in A condition (A-D)

3) 9 Cartridge games :

Iron Soldier

Alien Versus Predator

Tempest 2k

Battlemoprh 1 meg version

Battlemorph 2 meg version



Atari Karts


4) 8 Jaguar Cd games :

Myst Demo



Braindead 13


Blue Lightning


Vid Grid

It also includes the Tempest 2k Soundtrack

5) 2 Controllers

6) Memory Track cartridge so you can save your progress for the cd games (like the backup ram cart for the saturn)

7) SCART AV cable, not the shitty rf one. (the jag has the worst rf ever..)

8) 3 power supplys. 2 for the jaguar (one still new) and 1 for the jaguar cd.

Everything is boxed and shinning new, except for a couple of cartridges which are unboxed. I even have ALL pad overlays. Below is a photo depicting everything.

I am selling this whole stuff for 250 Euros. The Jaguar cd unit alone, costs 189$ new. Let alone AVP, Atari karts, memory track...

Whoever is interested should contact me either here or in pm. I will ship the same day i receive the money, as the package is ready.cheers!