JAP Sega Saturn.. Does it need a 60Hz switch?

This is probably a stupid question, but, I'm thinking of getting a JAP SS, and I want to play games Fullscreen and 17.5% faster (than a PAL UK SS). So, does a JAP SS need a 50Hz to 60Hz switch modification?

Please could someone enlighten me?
japan already uses ntsc, so the saturn runs at 60 hz constantly. there's only a handful of games that have timing probs if not running at 50 hz, if you stick to jap or US games, you won't run into probs, tho.
Hmm... Thanks for answering my question.

But, now you've got me worried... Timing problems? What does this mean? Is there a list of PAL games that are known to have timing problems on NTSC machines?
guardian heroes for example.. also story of thor, as the pic won't fit on a 60 hz machine.

there are US versions of both available, tho.
Oh, so, it's not like worrible flickery screen or nothing like that?

Oh, and a little question about JAP Saturns. They will work properly on UK TV sets, yeah?
depends on the tv

if it can take an ntsc signal it will be fine, you will probabbly need a scart lead though

something else to consider, as you may not realise, you need a transformer or a 240v power supply to use it in the uk, as it will have a 110v one currently
I'm planning on getting a 'Stepdown Transformer' from VideoGameCompany.com with the JAP SS unit.

I think my TV can take an NTSC signal, because I've tried using USA/JAP games on my Dreamcast, and they work fine. Dunno if this actually tells me if my TV can handle an NTSC signal or not....