Japanese saturn games

Im wondering, seeing as how several good Japanese Saturn games are in english such as Radiant Silvergun and Metal Slug, which others are as well?
I personally don't know any aside from the afore mentioned. Although I do want to say there really is no point in asking, sorry if I sound somewhat rude. With the exception of RPGs (and a select few other games, Dracula X comes to mind) even if the game is in japanese, there's really not enough text to worry about it.
Well I would like to know for import purposes. I rarly import games, and when I do its only if the game is in english. The current one I have my eyes on is groove on Fight, a four player fighter. Its not that I mind them being in japanese, but most of my friends do, and when I get games I wan't them to be ones wich can be enjoyed by others I know as wel as myself.
Umm...well Zero Divide The Final Conflict has English speech. You can barely understand it though. They are trying to imitate a robot voice.

Do you mean English voices or menu text?
Final Fight Revenge is in English, but.. I'm not sure if that'd be worth your time. :)

Also, I heard there was a way to play Darkstalkers 3 in English, too. On saturn, that is.