Jet Grind Radio - "the cel-shaded wonder"


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Share your thoughts on one of the trend-setters of the cel-shaded revolution.

If you haven't played it, it's a great action-platformer hybrid that shows how unique Sega games can be. Awesome soundtrack as well.


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This hasn't been gotw already? What a tragedy!

Hands down, fantastic game that makes a DC a must own. I loved the game, from beginning to end. The controls take a little getting used to - and a lot of people will point to the controls being the downfall of the game - after lots of practice, it wasn't much of an issue (except when you had to tag gangs, that's when collision detection needed to be tweaked - even then, practice makes perfect, and compensates for it).

Music was fantastic too.

I really can't say enough about the game. The game to me is kind of like how Nights was for the Saturn - an experience that made buying a Dreamcast a priority (because, up until then, my Saturn was enough).
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Jet grind Radioooooooo

Woooo this game rocks, definitely one of my favorite games of all time. This game itself kinda reflects the dreamcast itself though IMO: Great Quality, Great gameplay, didn't sell enough, only complaint found would be the fact it was a little short. But the good absolutely outweighs the bad :cool:

Back to the game though, I found it simply stunning the first time I played it and that has carried true t'ill today. Cel Shading was so innovating and no game cel shading game has yet to outdo it - in my humble opinion of course.

I wrote a review of this long ago, I will see if I can pull it up sometime this week and I will post it here if I do... no point on re-writing it all. to get to the main point though, this is a great beautifully crafted & original game.

A true dreamcast gem and sega classic.



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Originally posted by NR Pickle@Sep 3, 2003 @ 09:47 PM

This was a really cool game. I like the sequel better though. Hopefully we'll get a 3rd installment someday.

Unfortunately I've heard that we won't.

Seems like not enough people actually bought the games.
One of the most enjoyable games of the Dreamcast.

The sound track is awesome too!

I'm playing JSR Future (xbox) in this minute! I'm in the Skyscraper District and the music is Sweet Soul Brother :)
One of my favourite games ever... I play it again and again and the soundtrack is AMAZING...

Just gotta unlock all tags

... Now ya see everyone doing the Cel Shading thing after Sega did it with JSR ;)


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:agree :thumbs-up:

I actually considered buying an xbox for ten seconds, for the sequel, that's how good this game is.

I bought Jet Set Radio for ten dollars at best buy and got $120 worth of fun out of it.


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I might have to give this one another go.

For some reason I just couldn't get into it. :huh


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that's common -- a lot of people take a while to get the feel for it.

The controls can be a little intimidating at first. After a while it becomes second nature.

My cousin had the same problem