Just getting started...

I've decided that I'm going to track down a MegaDrive 1, Sega CD 1 and a 32x (all PAL). I was just wondering if there is anything that I should look out for/be weary of when purchasing any of these?

get a genesis/megadrive and a segacd/megacd

don't waste any money on a 32x though

i repeat, do not waste any money on a 32x, no matter how cheap you can get one

get a saturn too

honestly, that's the only console i have that i play anymore

also don't pass up a model 2 combo if you can find one

cd drives tend to die after x number of years and a model 2 setup will be 2 years or so newer. if you have the opporutunity turn the suckers on and make sure that they work, that games actually load, ect.

see if they're packaged with the original ac converters as using the wrong cpnverter can ruin a system. give the box a light shaking and see if you can hear anything rattling around

basically follow the same procedure you would when buying a car. ie. a few dents don't really mean anything if the engine's in good shape. for the most part if the seller still has the original packaging and instruction manuals and stuff then they pr'lly took good care of the system. whereas if it's a flea market special and the exterior's trashed then the previous user pr'lly didn't take particularily good care of it. these systems are all nearing a decade + in age so they're bound to stop working ya know. the genesis/segacd combo's also getting to the point where emulation's almost 100% so that might be a much more cost effective route to take
I don't see why some people are so dark on the 32x. It's got some fairly decent games - Virtua Racing, a decent Doom and of course Star Wars Arcade. I find it quite fun, and if you can get it cheaply, so much the better.