Just got a 3do

So what games are worth getting on the 3DO? I found one today at a pawn shop for $15. it came with the games "Way of the Warrior" and "Mad dog McCree". Both games are not bad, but definetly nothing special eather (Love that sweet talking skull on way of the warrior. I have heard that Jurassic park is good, but what else is there that I might want to keep an eye out for?

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Star Control 2 is one of the best games made for 3DO. It was made for PC as well, but the 3DO version is MUCH better than the PC version. Go here to learn more:http://www.classicgaming.com/starcontrol/

The Shockwave series is also fun. There are 3 games:

Shockwave, Shockwave Operation Jump Gate and Shockwave Beyond the Gate. Flying interstellar craft and blowing up aliens.

If you're a fan of Warhammer20k, you might check out Space Hulk - it's challenging in spots, but true to the atmosphere of the original game. First person run the maze and shoot the genestealers.
3DO's version of Wing Commander III is also the best out of any system, PC included. It is also home to the original Need for Speed. Lucienne's Quest is a great game for anyone who is into Final Fantasy style games.