Just got my mod chip but......

I finally got my mod chip today and looked in my fully working saturn for the first time ( I have 2 saturn, but the cartridge slot on one doesn't work. I opened it up to look in it and it looked just like the saturn in http://www.saturn-planet.com/modins.htm.) The saturn I want to use looks different than the ones I've seen before. The circuit board is tan. There are 2 ribbon cables. The thing they both hook into says PC DB TRAP SATURN on it, and the date on the back is 1997 instead of 1995. There is no 32 or 64 chip. What do I do. Do I need to buy a new saturn?
Seems that you have the ones manufactured (cd-rom unit) by Sanyo they´re the crappy ones. Some people were able to mod them, others were not, me thinks you can only use the A+B method
so I guess I can´t help ya since I´m trying to figure it out myself.
Where are the AB plugs on the sanyo board?

Is there a way to fix my cartridge slot on the other saturn? Any idea on why it's broken?
For 'A+B' mod method, look here. AFAIK only one person has got that method to work with a Sanyo CD board. Good luck.

The cart slot might not be working because some pins may be either bent out of shape or broken. Inserting a cart to forcefully, or using a 3rd party cart that is too thick for the slot can damage it.

I've managed to straighten some bent pins before, but it's very fiddly. If they're broken, you're probably out of luck.

[edit] How could I forget?

If the Saturn with the broken cart slot has a 32 or 64 pin CD board, you can swap it into the working Saturn with the Sanyo CD.

I'm not sure that you'll find modding it much easier if it is a 64 pin CD board, but a 32 pin one would be easy.
I FINALLY DID IT. THE SATURN IS MODDED AND PLAYING JUST FINE. Radiant Silvergun is playing just fine. I do have a question about the method I used

I used electrical tape to hold the red wire in place and I just kind of wedged the blue wire into place. I can get it soldered, but it may take a few days. How long can my jury-rigged set=up last. Is it ok untill tommorow, or should I stop right now?
I'd get it soldered as soon as you can, but just for convenience more than anything else.

If the wires come away the worst thing that should is that the Saturn doesn't work properly until they are reconnected.

I can't see that it would do anything worse than that.
Thx. Just tried out Metal Slug and it played almost perfectly. In the 3rd stage, the audio skipped a bit and then it had to find the track again. I'm burning them at 48x. Should I burn slower, or is it something else?
I just burnt and tried Burning Rangers and it wont play. I retried RS and it worked. Does BR need special burning? I burnt it at 8x
Yeah, slower burning will probably fix that.

Some people (myself included) swear by 4x, some 8x and some up to 16x. It's something you really need to work out for yourself, as the burner, media you use and possibly even the PC will affect how fast you can safely burn.

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but what sort of CD board did the new Saturn have? Also, where did you get the mod from?
Originally posted by LordVlaphor@May 2, 2003 @ 12:31 PM

I got the mod from Lik Sang, and the board is JVC

I'll spell it out...

Does the CD board look like this one (32 pin)?


or this one (64 pin)?

Any idea on what I should do with my remaining Saturn. I was thinking of making it region free and selling it. Is that possible, or can I just add a region switch?
If you can't think of anything better, you could always keep it for spares.

It seems to be power supplies and CD boards that go first, and it'd be handy to have spare ones.
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I just burnt Sonic R at 48x and no problems yet.

seriously, stfu cuz noone cares about every game u burn and whether it works or not since your probably burning crap ass iso+mp3 rels